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the Digital Nomad Summit™

The Digital Nomad Summit™ is a virtual event taking place from December 3rd until December 15th, 2023. Over 56 experts in the field of digital nomadism are pulling back the curtains on topics like entrepreneurship, mindset, re-locating, travelling full-time, miles-hacking & more.

3rd - 15th dec 2023





Who is the Digital Nomad Summit Partnerprogram For?

If you see yourself in any of the categories below, then our partner program is custom-made for your success. Dive in and find out how you can benefit in leaps and bounds.

Customers Of Our Products: If you've attended our summit or enjoyed our products, why not turn your enthusiasm into earnings? Refer friends and colleagues to our program and put money in your pocket for sharing what you love.
Affiliate Newbies: Just starting your journey in affiliate marketing and not sure what product to promote? Look no further. We provide a high-quality, high-conversion product that makes it easy for you to start your affiliate marketing journey on the right foot.
Active Affiliate Marketers: Are you an affiliate marketer on the hunt for a new, lucrative offer for your email list, blog, or social media channels? Our program offers unbeatable commissions and a product your audience will love.
All Digital Nomads: If you're a digital nomad looking to support your wanderlust while earning income, this is the perfect opportunity. Get the best of both worlds: travel freely while promoting a program that helps others do the same.


Why you Should Join the Digital Nomad Summit™ Partner Program

Sky-High Conversions

Our professionally designed marketing pages are rigorously optimized to ensure maximum sales and high conversions. When you send traffic our way, rest assured that you're partnering with a team committed to converting that traffic into commissions for you.

Ready-Made Content

Don't spend hours crafting the perfect promotional materials; we've already done that for you. Our extensive package includes emails, videos, and graphics you can use right away to accelerate your marketing campaigns and multiply your earnings.

Elite Affiliate Training

Quality matters and we've got you covered. Every affiliate who signs up gains access to comprehensive training modules that rival even paid programs. Elevate your skills, understand our products better, and sell like a seasoned pro.

Unbeatable Commissions

We pride ourselves on offering the highest commission rates in the industry. The sky's the limit when it comes to how much you can earn. With our generous commissions, your revenue goals are not just achievable—they're easily surpassable.

Personal Partner Support

Got questions? Need quick answers? We're available for direct chats to help guide you through the process. Our priority is you, and we provide real-time support to ensure you're never left in the dark.

Win Jaw-Dropping Prizes

The perks don't stop at commission checks. By joining our partner program, you'll also be eligible to win incredible prizes like iPads, MacBooks, luxury watches, and even cars! You're not just earning; you're also playing to win big.

Unlock a World of Insane Commissions with the Digital Nomad Summit Affiliate Program!

The digital product landscape is a jungle, and very few make it past the five-year mark. We've been dominating this game for over 8 years with an ever-growing tribe of ecstatic customers!

Without Us

You're left with basic affiliate training (if any)
Zero conversion testing
Mundane, cookie-cutter products
Barely-there commissions

With Us

Continual innovation with fresh product ideas
Proven funnels and templates to maximize your earnings
Endless sales opportunities!
Contests with jaw-dropping prizes!


Do you have a Question about the Partner Program?

To guide you through our partner program seamlessly, we've curated a set of commonly asked questions below. Our intention? To arm you with the knowledge needed to truly harness the immense potential of this program. For any further queries, don't hesitate to connect with us.

Do I Need to Sign Up To Be An Affiliate?

Yes, you do. To unlock a world of limitless commissions, you'll need to first sign up through our designated page. That’s when you’ll receive the exclusive links for promotion.

Can I Run Ads as an Affiliate?

Yes and no. We allow you to promote your own pages where you mention our products. However you are not allowed to send ANY paid traffic to our pages directly. 

Can I Link Directly to Shopping Carts?

Hold on there, explorer! Our provided funnels have been meticulously conversion-tested and include vital details that potential customers need to make an informed decision. So, no direct links to shopping carts are allowed. Breach of this rule could get you ousted from the program.

Can I Create My Own Pages with the Content?

Our sites and offerings are finely orchestrated for a reason. Stick to the landing pages and offers we provide, or risk getting banned from this lucrative journey.

What Rules Should Affiliates Abide By?

You've got to stick to the following guidelines:

NO spam emails
NO bulk postings on Facebook
NO paid mailing services
NO click systems or similar tactics
NO purchases through your own affiliate link
NO advertising on professional platforms like LinkedIn

Limited to one daily post on Facebook, fan pages, and Instagram. Viral mailing is permitted.

We keep track of all your links and visitor sources! Any violations will result in a lifetime ban, loss of commissions, and forfeiture of any prizes.

What topics will be covered?

Over 56 experts in the field of digital nomadism are pulling back the curtains on topics like entrepreneurship, mindset, re-locating, travelling full-time, miles-hacking and many more.

Where Can I Find Affiliate Training Camps?

Upon signing up, you'll find all the details about our training camps in an internal section. Plus, we’ll notify you via email or messages about the next event.

Do You Provide Content Templates?

Of course! Inside the affiliate area, you’ll have access to a wide array of ready-to-go materials, including blog posts, email templates, social media post outlines, ad templates, and promotional banners.

How Do I Earn Reward Points?

Every dollar you rake in as commission doubles as a point towards some truly amazing rewards. You can choose to cash them in at different stages, or hoard them for something spectacular!

Do Points Expire?

They will expire at the end of each calendar year. However, keep an eye out for end-of-year specials that allow you to earn bonus points or roll them over to the new year.

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